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What can Knowledge Management do for you?

The author Peter Drucker, also known as the father of management, defined knowledge management as:
"… the coordination and exploitation of organizational knowledge resources, in order to create benefit and competitive advantage" (Drucker 1999).

Many knowledge management initiatives fail at achieving real results due to a too shallow and theoretical approach. Therefore, our definition of the discipline has a more practical touch:

Creating value from your organization’s knowledge assets requires practical understanding of what the right knowledge is, who the right people are, and the context in which they need the knowledge. It requires a practice-oriented understanding of how the organization learns, creates, and distributes new knowledge. It involves people – as knowledge sources, enactors, creators, and communicators of knowledge, and not least, it requires appropriate tools to facilitate.

A practical approach to knowledge management

We discuss each of these points to give you a thorough understanding of knowledge management as a concept and a practice, as well as the benefits that can be achieved by implementing best practice knowledge management. You will find advice and recommendations throughout this site, and we will pose questions to spark your thoughts about KM in your organization.

If you are looking to implement a knowledge management solution, have a look at our advice on KM tools as well as our suggestion for a basic feature list for your new KM tool. As experts, we strongly recommend Responza Knowledge.

To ensure that the right people have the right knowledge available at the right time, at the right channel.

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