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Knowledge Management tools

A good knowledge management tool is important in achieving the full range of benefits of your knowledge management project. Here, it is important to be clear on what you need in a solution, and the differences between available tools.


Knowledge management tools go by many names, e.g. knowledge management solution, knowledge solution, knowledge base, knowledge database, KB and so on. From a plain Google search on any of these terms, you are sure to find multiple softwares guaranteering the path to knowledge-Nirvana. However, it is true for many of these tools that knowledge is the side-kick rather than being the lead.


Which to choose?

Only few dedicated knowledge management solutions exist, and they are worth pursuing! Such solutions are designed and developed with knowledge management best practice at the very core, meaning they facilitate the running of the KM cycle with production, distribution and maintenance via dedicated and built-in functions. 

See our suggestion for a requirement specification list if you are looking to implement a knowledge solution or simply curious on the expected functionality of a proper knowledge solution.

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