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Requirement specification / Feature list

A proper knowledge solution will enable the best practice knowledge management cycle - i.e. consolidation, creation, maintenance, and distribution of your knowledge via dedicated functions and features.

Key features to look for when choosing your knowledge solutions include

  • Intuitive editor module

  • Powerful and intuitive search engine

  • Cross-search between departments and/or sources

  • Feedback function

  • Review-function

  • Language versioning

  • Reporting module to track use in real time

  • Distribution across channels

  • Multi brand support

  • Responsive design to support all channels and use from different devices

  • Notifications and future versions functionality

  • Possibility of integration with your existing IT environment

  • Access differentiation to manage access across your teams

  • Complete version history

Other aspects to consider

  • Available and effective support team - when in need of support, it is important that your request is met with a solution-oriented mindset, and that the sense of urgency is respected

  • Dynamic and relevant solution that can support your needs now and in the future. Take note of the product's development strategy. Are customers’ wishes and needs taken into consideration? Does the technology follow developments within the field knowledge management? Is the provider attentive of future technologies and possibilities?

Do you want a KM solution that fulfills all of the above? We recommend Responza Knowledge.

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