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Success criteria for a knowledge project and knowledge solution

Via our +100 implementations of knowledge and knowledge solutions from the smallest and most critical organizations to some of the largest organizations in Denmark (e.g. SKAT, ATP and UdbetalingDanmark), we have seen and ensured success with four essential principles:

  1. Formulate a clear vision and mission with your solution and implementation that everyone understands and can pronounce. Create clarity about the project and the solution and what you want to achieve. When in doubt about something in relation to content or solution, you must be able to "ask the vision": What will best support the vision? The vision is also used to communicate and create clarity across departments / units / countries and ensures alignment from "management to telephone" and from "top to bottom".

  2. Create a knowledge organization around knowledge and the knowledge solution with solid management engagement and a recognition of the knowledge task to ensure success is now and in the long run. It may be a simple organization, and the roles can have responsibilities beyond knowledge, but it must be clear and the roles and responsibilities in relation to knowledge must be clear.

  3. Have a concrete and manageable implementation plan. Many think that a knowledge project can be unmanageable. Where to start? What is most important? How to go about it? How should we structure knowledge? How do we start and not least, how do we reach our goal? A knowledge project is successful if the elephant is eaten in the right chunks, and you structure your knowledge and create an article template that fits the service situation.

  4. Find a strong and dedicated Knowledge Manager to ensure that knowledge and the solution is never left passive. It is the knowledge manager's most important task to ensure that employees can trust that if they say and do as stated in the solution, they are professionally "home safe". Precisely this ensures consistency and business case.

Knowledge Management Experts created an implementation concept that takes you all the way to a successful implementation with an operational solution that supports your business and strategy.

Reach out to us and learn how to achieve success in your organization.

Implementation concept with proven track record from 50+ successful projects in operation


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