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Why Knowledge Management?

Organizations don't use the knowledge they have to conduct effective first time resolutions and to create a coherent and consistent experience for their customers." Source: Jupiter Research

Your knowledge defines you as an organization​

Knowledge management can help you achieve the results you want:

Greater flexibility among the workforce and across teams

Much faster training time for new employees or for existing employees transitioning to a new area

Invaluable overview of the range of things that reach customer service and thus what customer service knows / needs to know

Professional security - employees know that if they do and say what is written, they are 'home safe'

Higher rate of first time resolutions

Reduced average handling time

Assurance and documentation of proper compliance of everything from the board's strategy to policies, guidelines and workflows down to the responses and dialogues with the customer

Additional sales opportunities are systematized and increased

Prepare for initiatives such as automation. You can’t automate a chaotic knowledge system!


The paradox of knowledge management is that it is always relevant to do but often underprioritized until urgency stresses the needs for it. The urgency in turn leads to quick fixes rather than implementing best practice knowledge management, and so the cycle goes.

Another obstacle lies in that the understanding of knowledge management tends to differ internally, e.g. with IT departments taking a more data or information-oriented take, resulting in a prioritization of solutions that may treat immediate symptoms, but leaves the underlying cause untouched.


Why not make knowledge management a priority - both as an immediate improvement and a foresighted measure for future developments and challenges?

The benefits are both clear and significant:


"Organizations experience 60% decrease in time spent on decoding and resolution and a 50% increase in first time resolution at the first call after knowledge management implementation."

Source: Consortium for Service Innovation

Do you want to take charge of your knowledge today? Reach out to us!

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